What is it

A revolutionary new wearable device

Comfortable, portable and more accessible. Our wearable device intelligently monitors key measures of maternal and fetal wellbeing to provide greater peace of mind.

*Currently under development, not yet approved for sale.

New model of care


Current monitoring technology is restrictive, intermittent and outdated.


Our system connects patients with medical professionals, in the clinic or at home.


Accessible and discreet. Monitoring can be provided where it is needed most.


Cloud-based care

Our secure digital health platform communicates with our wearable device to process signals using advanced algorithms and provide data directly to medical professionals.

Real time access

Doctors can remotely access data over the internet and make the right decision at the right time, with everything stored securely for later review.

Smart application

Receives information from the wearable device and transmits it over the internet for clinician review

Session updates

Provides regular updates during each session to facilitate connection between mother and baby

Wearable device

Wirelessly collects and transmits physiological signals to the connected smart device

Sensor array

Thin sensor that flexibly adheres to the body for short or long term wear

Our vision

*These are the benefits our system aims to achieve, not yet approved for sale.

Our Partners

We are working with the following companies and organisations to achieve our vision

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